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Our work on the ground can continue

Since mid-August, the situation in Afghanistan has been uncertain due to the Taliban’s takeover of power. Especially the work of aid organizations like Cap Anamur […] Read more

the country continues to move to the edge of the abyss

For two weeks now, the situation in Lebanon has been worsening once again – Cap Anamur is helping despite the catastrophic conditions. Not only since […] Read more

Central African Republic:
Cap Anamur is conducting a COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Until recently the vaccination of the population of the Central African Republic against Covid-19 had not started. The Ministry of Health has now entrusted Cap […] Read more

Pediatrician from Hannover: 1,5 active years in the distant Nuba Mountains

Julia Pape, pediatrician from Hannover, had been working in our Nuba Mountains hospital since December 2019. Over the course of 1,5 years, she’s not only […] Read more


The proceeds of the sold artwork are earmarked 100% for the work of Cap Anamur. There is an amicable conncection […] Read more