Food distribution

As finally there was some rainfall in the drought regions of Somalia, we were able to reduce our water supply truck trips. But there is […] Read more

Sierra Leone:
Report from the Children’s Hospital in Freetown

Lamin was desperate and close to tears when he entered the Ola During Children’s Hospital (ODCH) with his 12 year old daughter Maria. To help […] Read more

New Clinic Planned

It begins almost completely without pain, but the outcome can be fatal. It can take months before those affected notice a drop in physical and […] Read more

Rupert und Christel Neudeck: New book

We are sorry — at the moment this book — “Erinnerungen vietnamesischer Bootsflüchtlinge” — is only available in german. But if you’re interested thank you […] Read more

New Project Video Online

We are supporting and increasing the supply network in northern Bangladesh. In cooperation with the government and local NGOs, we are supplying 7 hospitals in […] Read more


The proceeds of the sold artwork are earmarked 100% for the work of Cap Anamur. There is an amicable conncection […] Read more